Athentic halloumi

Halloumi cheese

Halloumi is a semi-hard cheese made from cow, sheep and goat or exclusively from sheep and goat milk and we proudly present to you the whole halloumi packaging, based on tradition and long experience. It is equally delicious row or grilled and it is distinguished by its authentic rich taste and exceptional aroma. Halloumi Cheese is produced according to the Cypriot traditional recipes and cheese-making methods.

Available Packaging & Logistics

VACUUM PACK 225 gr 10 275
VACUUM PACK 250 gr 10 275
VACUUM PACK 700 gr 6 170

More Info

 ·  Adequate volumes
 ·  Competitive pricing
 ·  Flexibility / Private label
 ·  Professional support
 ·  ISO22000, IFS, BRC

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